Carbon Accounting

Cutting the amount of carbon your business consumes can significantly reduce the hefty taxes and charges levied against your business’ carbon consumption. In addition, your business can receive a significant boost in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), which plays an ever important role in the supply chain.

Dimension 9 has a range of energy and carbon management and accounting solutions that will deliver measurable efficiency improvements and return on investment (ROI).

Our solutions include

  • Detailed carbon, energy and water projects covering initial energy mapping, site surveys through to feasibility studies
  • Carbon and Energy strategy and policy formation
  • Corporate Reporting
  • Support complying with government legislations, e.g. CRC, CCA
  • Carbon and Product Foot Printing
  • Assistance with Funding Applications
  • Energy data analysis, including bespoke monitoring and targeting
  • Staff Awareness and behavioural training
  • Project Management of carbon reduction initiatives

For further information or advice on Carbon Accounting & Carbon Consult Services please contact DIMENSION 9 on +44 (0) 845 459 7869 or on Our aim is to help you reduce your energy costs effectively, efficiently and innovatively, with an integrated and sustainable approach.