Carbon Foot Print

A Carbon Footprint is the measure given to the amount of greenhouse gases (GHG) produced by burning fossil fuels, measured in units of carbon dioxide(CO2). Calculating an organisations carbon footprint can be a difficult process, we can help you. We have the specialist skills to identify and reduce your organisations energy usage and costs and your organisations carbon footprint.

Our approach to carbon management will be applied to all aspects of your business activities, including buildings energy management, process energy management, business and staff travel, local community relations and staff training.

By commissioning our carbon footprint calculations you can be confident we will offer practical and cost effective measures which can be implemented and integrated into working practice helping you meet your carbon reduction aspirations and reducing costs
The total annual footprint of an organisation can cover a wide range of direct and indirect sources such as:

• Fuel use in buildings and transport (direct)
• Gas emissions from processes (direct)
• Power station emissions associated with electricity consumed (indirect)
• Emissions up and down the supply chain (indirect)
• Customer and staff travel (indirect)

Carbon Foot Printing is the process of measuring a carbon footprint. This is often done:

• To help manage and reduce the footprint
• To report it accurately to third parties such as investors or customers
• For Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and marketing reasons
• Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC)
• Mandatory reporting

Key issues in carbon foot printing are:

• Determining what emissions are to be included in the footprint within the rules of an international standard
• Deciding how to quantify the emissions
• Setting up systems for on-going data collection

Dimension 9 advises on all aspects of the Carbon Foot Printing process, and can implement part or all of it.

For further information or advice on Carbon Foot Print & Carbon Consult Services please contact DIMENSION 9 on +44 (0) 845 459 7869 or on Our aim is to help you reduce your energy costs effectively, efficiently and innovatively, with an integrated and sustainable approach.