Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme (CRC) Management

The CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme is the UK’s mandatory climate change and energy saving scheme, started in April 2010. It is central to the UK’s strategy for improving energy efficiency and reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, as set out in the Government’s Climate Change Act 2008. It has been designed to raise awareness in large organisations, especially at senior level, and encourage changes in behaviour and infrastructure.

CRC will provide financial incentives to reduce carbon emissions by putting a price on them. With the CRC, organisations buy allowances equal to their annual emissions. The overall emissions reduction target is achieved by placing a ‘cap’ on the total allowances available to each group of CRC participants. However, within that overall limit, individual organisations can determine the most cost-effective way to reduce their emissions.

The scheme features an annual performance league table that ranks participants on performance. Together with the financial and reputational incentives of ranking highly, the scheme encourages organisations to develop energy management strategies that promote a better understanding of energy consumption.

CRC is applicable to organisations if they (and their subsidiaries) have at least one half-hourly electricity meter (HHM) settled on the half-hourly market and their total half-hourly electricity consumption exceeded 6,000 megawatt-hours (MWh) during 2008. Qualifying organisations has to comply legally with the scheme or face financial and other penalties.

DIMENSION 9has a team of highly qualified and skilled accredited Low Carbon Consultants which can assist you in complying with this legal requirement of compliance. Take the first step in realising greater energy efficiency at your organisation by contacting DIMENSION 9 today. Our aim is to reduce your energy costs effectively, efficiently and innovatively, with and integrated and sustainable approach.

Compliance Service Overview

The Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) legislation presents a dual challenge to all organisations; ensuring that you comply with the extensive legal obligations of this new scheme whilst making sure you derive maximum benefit for your business from both a cost and an enhanced reputation point of view.

DIMENSION 9’s CRC Compliance Service is a total package enabling you to delegate to specialists the convoluted administrative task of dealing with carbon allowances and the critical mission of elevating your league table position.

Benefits to your business include:

  1. Every Angle Covered – DIMENSION 9 has been involved with the CRC scheme since its inception.  Our extensive carbon management experience, combined with a proven approach in the associated administrative areas, enables us to turn statutory obligations – which may otherwise be viewed as obstacles – into opportunities to reduce costs, reduce carbon and enhance external perceptions of your organisation.
  2. Maximisation of Repayments – We can improve your league table position through AMR, Low Carbon Consultants Standard accreditation and carbon management; resulting in maximised repayments.
  3. Deadlines Assured – We have in depth knowledge of the deadlines involved and will work with you to ensure you meet all obligations within the requisite timeframes.
  4. Zero Disruption – Absolutely no down time for your business or your staff.  DIMENSION 9 will take care of all data gathering, report presentation, filing and other obligations; swiftly, professionally, comprehensively.
  5. Operational Efficiencies – We will set up inter-departmental allowances charging and repayment where required, as well as tenant on-charging and related processes for property companies.
  6. Peace of Mind – Impeccable credentials.  Our management team shares extensive experience in energy markets combining deep business insight with established leadership practices in the field of cost reduction through carbon management.

The DIMENSION 9 CRC Compliance Service

The DIMENSION 9 service follows the CRC scheme timetable to prepare for and implement the scheme requirements.


Preparation and Registration

  • Collate half-hourly electricity consumption data;
  • Establish your organisation structure for CRC reporting purposes;
  • Set up monitoring of all energy use;
  • Plan how the costs and repayments for carbon allowances are to be managed with regards to any tenants or subsidiaries;
  • Develop an agreed target position and action plan for the CRC League Tables;


 Annual energy monitoring

  • Collect and report on emissions from all energy sources including half-hourly and non-half-hourly electricity, gas, oil, coal, LPG and all other energy supplies.
  • Assess reduced reporting for minor energy supplies aggregating to less than 10% of total emissions.

Management of carbon allowances

  • Forecast energy use and emissions for the coming year allowing for projected occupancy and changes to the portfolio;
  • Purchase carbon allowances according to an agreed strategy;
  • Surrender sufficient allowances for the previous year;
  • Deliver the Annual Report to the Scheme Administrator on consumption and allowances for the previous year;
  • Maintain necessary records including the CRC Evidence Pack.

Maximising Recycling Payments

  • Validate recycling payments received from the Scheme Administrator;
  • Manage planned distribution of such payments, to any tenants or subsidiaries.

League Table Optimisation

  • Review the CRC League Table position achieved and repayments obtained;
  • Plan for reduced energy costs and increased repayments via League Table improvement with the help of Power Efficiency’s suite of carbon reduction services.

Additional Services

DIMENSION 9 can provide a reduced stand-alone Evidence Pack Service to set up and maintain the necessary records for the CRC scheme in an Evidence Pack.

We offer a suite of cost and carbon reduction services tailored to CRC needs; this includes demand profile improvement, advanced benchmarking and controls and plant upgrades.

Evidence Pack Service Overview

Setting up and maintaining an Evidence Pack is an organisation’s prime requirement for compliance with the incoming Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) legislation.

The CRC scheme will require all large commercial and public sector organisations to purchase sufficient carbon credits for the energy they will use each year.  The scheme is designed to cut carbon emissions and applies to all organisations using a total of over 6 million kWh of electricity in 2008 equating to approximately £500,000, for larger (half-hourly metered) supplies.

Proving compliance – the purpose of the CRC Evidence Pack

Monitoring and reporting will be based on self-certification in the form of an Evidence Pack produced and maintained by the energy-purchasing organisation. The Environment Agency will audit approximately 20% of organisations each year.

The Evidence Pack constitutes the primary record of evidence for the CRC scheme; requiring senior level sign-off within the submitting organisation, to ensure accuracy and diligence.  DIMENSION 9’s Evidence Pack service results in a 100% compliant return and helps you attain the best position you can on the CRC performance league tables.

DIMENSION 9 can also provide a comprehensive CRC Compliance Service which includes management of annual carbon allowances, maximising recycling payments received, and achievement of reduced carbon emissions.

Benefits to your business include:

  • Deadlines assured – Your organisation will meet all necessary obligations within the timeframes imposed.
  • Minimal disruption to your business – DIMENSION 9 will take care of all data gathering, report presentation, filing and other obligations; removing the administrative burden from your organisation.
  • Peace of Mind – not only have we been involved with CRC legislation since its inception, we have proven experience in delivery against legislated requirements.

Additional Services

Production of a detailed Recommendations Report – this comprises a carbon reduction report which highlights areas for Investment with payback periods

Communication to tenants – DIMENSION 9 act as an independent body to liaise with your tenants; informing them of any new requirements, outlining cost structures resulting from usage allocation and generally providing professional credibility for all communication issues arising from the CRC

Recycling payments – Serving your Best interests, we will ensure that all costs which need to be defrayed to tenants are correctly handled

Related Services

DIMENSION 9’s comprehensive CRC Compliance Service covers all obligations of the Carbon Reduction Commitment including the Evidence Pack, purchasing and if necessary trading of carbon allowances, maximising recycling payments received, and achievement of reduced carbon emissions.

With DIMENSION 9’s CRC support service you will achieve improved performance in the CRC League Tables – increasing your recycled credit payments – as well as reduced carbon emissions and energy costs.

Achieving Carbon Reduction for the CRC scheme, DIMENSION 9 has a wide range of carbon and cost reduction solutions specially tailored to produce results for the Carbon Reduction Commitment – ranging from advanced benchmarking and demand profile improvement services through to controls and plant upgrades.

Contact us today on +44 (0) 845 459 7869 or on to ensure that you meet your legislative requirement.