Energy Procurement

DIMENSION 9’s energy division believes that large opportunities exist to achieve significant savings and improve resources usage within our client’s companies.  In terms of electricity and gas, DIMENSION 9 guarantees that our clients maximize the efficiency of their resources, whist minimizing the risks involved on purchasing in the highly volatile electricity and gas markets.  In terms of water, DIMENSION 9 operates under the existing frameworks to achieve maximum savings, and rather than viewing the market conditions as a constraint we exploit opportunities in relation to all aspects of our clients’ services and charges.

  • Energy Procurement: When starting an energy procurement process, we usually run a number of procedures in order to create an appropriate strategy to reduce our client’s energy costs.  DIMENSION 9 analyses historic and current data to establish if there is any refund or saving opportunity.  Our company realizes an initial analysis report, a reference document, to discuss and agree how the corporate energy policy is going to be developed.  DIMENSION 9 supports the client creating its energy policy, giving advice on best supplier agreements, lowest prices, etc. We offer on-going monitoring of all consumption costs and assistance regarding budgeting, management information, invoice checking, etc.
  • Market Intelligence:DIMENSION 9’s energy markets experience has increased; understanding the potential risks and the importance of assessing client’s exposure. We use the latest market information to make informed buying decisions on behalf of our clients. This market intelligence combined with our expertise, gives us the advantage of being able to monitor, react to and, in some cases anticipate the main price drivers straight away.

We present reports on the market’s most relevant data in order to allow flexible purchasing from our client. Our company sources suitable suppliers for appropriate purchasing.  We perform benchmarking reportages for information against fixed baseline or chosen gas market index and contract consumption performance reportage on periodic basis to be agreed with client.

  • Desktop Analysis and Site Surveys:DIMENSION 9 energy division is always well informed about charges and policies in all supplier regions and by reviewing client charging arrangements we are able to determine whether any alternative tariff options and allowances are available.  In addition, analysis of consumption patterns allows us to establish a clear picture of any electricity, gas or water demand requirements, details of which are passed to our engineers for further investigation. For electricity and gas, a full on-site survey would be undertaken (if appropriate) in order to validate any charging anomalies identified during our desktop audit.

DIMENSION 9’s strategy seeks to ensure continuous improvement in the range and quality of services and solutions. We deliver tangible results, more efficient utilization of resources and minimization of consumption.

Benefits to your business include:

  • Independence:We have developed strong relationships with major suppliers, but remain fully independent. We do not take commission from any supplier, and the results of our negotiations and final recommendations are presented to our client with no hidden costs.
  • Market Intelligence:Our market monitoring activity gives our clients the competitive advantage of expert advice on market trends and identification of key purchasing opportunities.
  • Legislation: We scrutinize government legislation for changes, giving our clients the benefit of being equipped with accurate, up to date information and advice on legislation in relation to their business.
  • Cost Audit and Analysis: We undertake a comprehensive analysis of all aspects of usage and bill data, checking all chargeable elements are being interpreted and charged correctly. Our analysts use their expertise to identify saving opportunities and retrospective refunds.
  • Innovative Purchasing and Tendering: All offers negotiated by DIMENSION 9 are evaluated in terms of price, structure, duration, terms and suitability for the client.  DIMENSION 9 undertakes all aspects of the process from modelling and preparation of all relevant data to sourcing and evaluation of appropriate supplier and contract options.
  • On-going Administration/Validation: Contract administration is a vital part of the process. DIMENSION 9 ensures that the saving happens; supply is transferred to the chosen provider on time; meter readings and bills are accurate; any rebates or discounts are correctly applied.
  • Provide Cost-Effective Practical Solutions:DIMENSION 9 is on hand to provide technical advice on issues such as wastewater disposal, water conservation and alternative water sources.

DIMENSION 9 provides a full analysis  *and utility purchasing solution. We are concerned with the long-term management of utilities, from innovative contract negotiation, through implementation and on-going monitoring of all non-negotiable charging elements.

DIMENSION 9’s role is one of ensuring that our clients receive appropriate charges for the provision of their services as well as helping them to minimize the impact of these increasing costs through efficient use of these vital resources.

For further information or advice on Energy Procurement please contact DIMENSION 9 on +44 (0) 845 459 7869 or on